After living aboard for 14 years now, I found out about Nature’s Head waterless toilets. I just didn’t think they could be small enough for a boat. Friends have had theirs for years – they were closet composters!

Having seen and heard of horrible disasters with conventional toilets and holding tanks, this option, combined with the inconvenience of pumping out, convinced me to go the composting way. I ripped out the old toilet and hoses – yay, so much more space! What a difference. Like a breath of fresh air.

No smell. No more pump outs. The trick is to ensure it is turned over regularly – at least once (the more the merrier) per day to oxygenate. Just double bag product and dump it or bury in a Bio. bag. Peat Moss is dirt cheap from garden suppliers, or use coconut husks etc.

Not convinced? Ask Alan at Nature’s Head NZ for a price comparison against normal boat loos and installation costs.

Do it, Do it right, Do it right Now! – Great product.”

— Wayne, “Solstice” (Opua, New Zealand)


We wanted to get in touch to say that we are suitably impressed with our Nature’s Head Waterless toilet!!
We’ve been away in our bus a few times now and have had no problems at all.

Regards, Russell & Gillian


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